Software Dev on a Networked system of 17 Screen Weather Simulation
(Jump tp 2:36 in the video for this installation)

Reunion Tower has been an icon of the Dallas skyline since the Seventies,
One floor up from the GeO-Deck is Cloud 9, a futuristic bar and lounge serving Texas-themed food and cocktails from Wolfgang Puck. The “Big Sky” is a breathtaking digital installation on the ceiling, combining abstract steel clouds, dynamic LED lighting, and 17 HD screens that comprise a massive-scale abstract weather simulation. This experience treats guests to a continuously-changing surrealistic view of Dallas weather, rendered in real time. As the simulation cycles through different times of day and various weather patterns, color changes are triggered throughout the entire ceiling. Each moment is unique and married seamlessly to the architecture and design of the space.



Media artist / creative coder. I create responsive environments, generative art, particle systems and physics simulations among other things.

I also make music.