Generative Mandala Pottery

Fractal geometries are found in various structures of ancient cultures. Some of these structures are built on foundational proportional grids or "Mandala" and the superstructures follow infinite geometric sequences. This series of works is directly inspired by shrines, temples, and other mandala based structures.

The algorithm first creates a foundational grid pattern based on proportionality rules of mandala. This grid is then extruded recursively in 3D space. Its exterior surface is then modulated along a geometric curve to manually give it shape. This shape is recursively rotated along the base to add branches and in this way, the resulting digital sculptures are formed.



Lead Creative Technologist with 10+ years of experience in interactive/immersive installations for museums, corporate and health spaces. Former clients include Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, The Smithsonian, Louis Armstrong House Museum and The Space Needle in Seattle. 

As a Media Artist I create responsive environments, generative art, particle systems and physics simulations among other things. I also make music.