Business Messaging @ Meta Beach, Cannes Lions 2023


Lead Creative Technologist / Dev Architect


  • Message in a Bottle is an interactive experience where attendees share sage wisdom, creative catchphrases and all the best bits of Cannes through WhatsApp, anonymously, in real time.
  • Business Messaging also played a big part at Cannes through the back of the delegate badge, a 'Whatsapp of Things' chat experience that let attendees wayfind, see schedules, get reminders and downloads for their favourite sessions, make new connections and get snacks across Meta Beach.



    Lead Creative Technologist with 10+ years of experience in interactive/immersive installations for museums, corporate and health spaces. Former clients include Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, The Smithsonian, Louis Armstrong House Museum and The Space Needle in Seattle. 

    As a Media Artist I create responsive environments, generative art, particle systems and physics simulations among other things. I also make music.