Lead Creative Technologist / Software Dev


  • 320’ sq ft custom digital display wall
  • Proximity and touch-based activation
  • Table allows content programming of the wall
  • 13-user touch table

  • Potion partnered with the Smithsonian, the country’s leading cultural biographer and its media counterpart, to launch a one-of-a-kind interactive table and programmable LED wall in their original 19th century headquarters. Nicknamed “the Castle” because of its distinct Norman architecture, the building makes for a unique icon on the national mall and a dramatic arrival hall to the Institution’s millions of annual visitors from around the world. The Smithsonian Channel wanted to boldly engage those visitors with the full breadth of their unique content in a manner befitting the dramatic location. Together, Potion and the channel created “The G ateway,” a multi-user interactive table and massive custom LED wall, structurally built into the building’s dramatic entry hall. With over 320 sq ft of display area spread across 300+ digital tiles, the wall serves as a spectacular canvas for high resolution video on everything from history to the natural world, and allows visitors to literally walk through the content as they enter the hall’s galleries.


    Lead Creative Technologist with 10+ years of experience in interactive/immersive installations for museums, corporate and health spaces. Former clients include Intel, Samsung, Microsoft, The Smithsonian, Louis Armstrong House Museum and The Space Needle in Seattle. 

    As a Media Artist I create responsive environments, generative art, particle systems and physics simulations among other things. I also make music.